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Foundations of Marketing essay

Foundations of Marketing essay Foundations of Marketing essay Foundations of Marketing essayIn order to determine the final selling price that Sports Depot charges for a SPI basketball, it is necessary to determine the selling price of Wholesale Supply that is the entry price for Sports Depot. It is known that SPI sells basketballs to Wholesale Supply for $8.00. It is also known that Wholesale Supply uses a 20% markup for basketballs. Knowing that the markup is calculated in relation to the selling price (Pride and Ferrell 331) and denoting selling price of Wholesale supply as X, it is possible to construct the following relationship: X / ($8 + X) = 0.20. This relationship means that markup constitutes 20% of the selling price for Wholesale Supply.This equation can be rewritten as: X = 0.20 * ($8 + X).X = 0.20 * $8 + 0.2 * X.X – 0.2 * X = $ * X = $1.6X = $1.6 / 0.8 = $2.The value of markup used by Wholesale Supply is $2 and the selling price used by Wholesale Supply is $8 + $2 = $10. The percentage of markup used by Sports Depot i s also 20%. It is possible to construct a similar equation for determining the value of markup and selling price for Sports Depot.X / ($10 + X) = * X = $2. X = $2.5.The value of markup used by Sports Depot is $2.5 and the final selling price charged by Sports Depot for a SPI basketball is $10 + $2.50 = $12.50. This answer applies to the situation when Sports Depot does add a markup to the selling price. There are cases when Sports Depot sells SPI basketballs at cost; in such cases, the selling price charged by Sports Depot is $10.Status quo pricing objective is defined as the price objective aimed at maintaining current price levels or matching the prices of the competitors(Pride and Ferrell 333). If status quo pricing in this case means matching the prices of the competitors, Sports Depot can easily do this because current prices charged by Sports Depot are lower than the prices charged by competing retailers. Furthermore, the profits of Sports Depot will increase if the c ompany chooses the match the prices charged by competitors.If status quo in this case means maintaining current prices, Sports Depot can achieve such pricing objectives if it has enough resources to operate with low profits or no profit at all. Indeed, Sports Depot sells goods at lower prices compared to competitors’ prices, so the profits gained by Sports Depot are lower. It is likely that the company uses aggressive marketing strategy to increase its market share.

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LITERATURE REVIEW ASSIGMENT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LITERATURE REVIEW ASSIGMENT - Assignment Example This chronic condition is managed using two medical therapies; that is pharmacological and non-pharmacological management. Pharmacological therapy manages the condition within the hospital setting. The patient is put under medication and machine monitors to manage the condition. On the other hand, the non-pharmacological therapy is confined to patient education and intensive surveillance activity; emphasis is put shifting care from hospital to a primary care setting. Numerous studies have been conducted to examine which of the two therapies manage the condition more effectively. These studies have shown that patients that comply with non-pharmacological recommendations reduce the risk of death caused by this condition. Compliance can be defined as the extent to which congestive heart failure patients’ behavior, in terms of managing the condition, are in line with those of a medical practitioner or health provider (Martje et al 2010). The non-pharmacological recommendations inc lude diet,fluid restriction, weighing and exercising. The studies that were conducted included an 18 month follow up of the patients after they were discharged from hospital. The compliance ratings of pharmacological recommendations range from 10% to 70% while those of non-pharmacological recommendations range between 12 % and 75%. Approximately 48% of the patients who comply with the non-pharmacological recommendations fully comply with all the four recommendations.An individual tally of the recommendations compliance reveals that about 80% of patients comply with weighing; 90% comply with diet and fluid restrictions (Holst, 2008); and about 60% comply with exercises. In elderly patients, compliance with the non-pharmacological recommendations prevents the reoccurrence of heart failure (Martje et al 2010). Patients who comply with these recommendations have fewer recommendations than non-compliant patients and those that spend in hospital are few. Patients who comply with the exercise and daily weighing recommendations often elongate their lives compared to those who don’t.This compliance also reduces the heart failure readmission. Isotonic exercise training has proven to have a positive effect on congestive heart failure patients, according to a study conducted on 30 male patients (Larsen, 2001). Total compliance of the recommendations also reduces the rate of readmission due to heart failure by 56.2%. This figure may not be statistically significant but it ascertains that close follow-up of patients will reduce the likelihood of being readmitted due to heart failure (Rich, 1995). In addition, relaxation therapies have a positive psychic effect in older patients. It reduces the psychological distress, depression in particular, among the patients (Yu, p. 78). It has been discovered that patients whose levels of sodium intake are high have a high chance of being readmitted. This means that sodium intakes levels are consistent w ith the rate of readmission among the patients (Alves, p.446; Brooke, 2009). If heart failure patients begin using ACE-inhibitors during their stay in hospital, then their cognitive performance is expected to improve independently (Zuccala, p. 230). The main question of this topic is whether

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Middle of Acquiring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Middle of Acquiring - Essay Example ourth step, the negotiation team will seek to ensure that the acquisition process will protect the interests of both parties and in case their interests clash then there has to be a compromise. In the fifth step, the negotiation team will present to the overseas company, strategies and policies that they will implement after the acquisition process, which will indicate on how the buying company will absorb the current workforce of the overseas company into their organizational structure. Secondly, the strategies and policies will show how they are ready to abide by the conditions set by the overseas company. In the sixth step, the negotiation team will state exactly how much they will are willing to pay for each division or the entire company and equally, the overseas company will state the selling price for the entire company. The negotiation team will engage in final price negotiations whereby they will give out their final buying price of which DePamphilis (2010, P. 175) notes that it should be considerably equally to the true value and potential of the overseas

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Legal Age for Alcohol Consumption Essay Example for Free

Legal Age for Alcohol Consumption Essay Different governments have age limits for legal consumption of alcohol. For instance, in most western states individuals below 18 years of age should not consume alchohol. Other countries have an age limit of 15 years (Miller, 2010). All these governments have reasons for setting this age requirements for alcohol consumption. For example, some argue that raising the legal age limit may not have an impact on society, if people do not have the will and zeal to stop irresponsible drinking. Others argue that raising the legal age limit would allow individuals to drink when they are mature and responsible (Kolander, 2011). This would reduce chances of irresponsible drinking. I believe governments should raise the legal age requirement for alcohol consumption, as an effort to reduce the negative impacts of alcohol to society. I support the idea of raising the age limit for alcohol consumption. However, I also believe that this cannot be a successful measure to deal with the negative impacts of alcohol to society, without using other avenues. For instance, governments should implement a program to educate the youth on the negative impacts of alcohol. According to reports from a number of police departments, most youth consume alcohol when they have not met the age limit. This implies that raising the age limit can only be effective if parents instill morals in their young children (Miller, 2010). Therefore, the religious groups and the family have a massive role to play in regulating early consumption of alcohol. Secondly, raising the age limit for consumption of alcohol will reduce the harm of alcohol on the health of consumers. Individuals suffer from chronic effects due to alcohol consumption when they have access to it at early ages. For instance, the danger that an individual who started consuming alcohol at the age of 18, is more severe than that of an individual who started drinking at 25. Health experts have claimed that early exposure to alcohol consumption has drastic effects on key internal body organs, compared to individuals who start consuming alcohol at late ages. In addition, raising the legal age for alcohol consumption reduces chances of addiction, due to less exposure (Billings, 2010). Early exposure to alcohol consumption has also led to a deteriorated culture in society. Families have broken up due to irresponsible drinking by children, who end up indulging in other criminal activities such as burglary, to finance their alcoholic behavior. At the current legal requirement of 18 years, most youth may not have the finances to finance their consumption of alcohol. This makes them depend on their parents by lying to them, to get money. In the event that the parents are not able to meet the financial demands of the children, the children look for other options to financial stability. Some go to the extent of stage managing kidnaps to get money from parents. This has eroded the positive values of society, especially the youth, who are the largest group of the world’s population (Kolander, 2011). In conclusion, the above illustrations indicate that early exposure to alcohol consumption has more negative effects than positives. For example, individuals have a high probability of acquiring health complications, such as lung and kidney infections. Secondly, early access to alcohol consumption also erodes the morality of society. In addition, early alcohol consumption may also affect the academic life of young adults, who end up as addicts to alcohol. These young adults also face the threat of joining illegal gangs in society. Thus, it would be reasonable to suggest that governments should consider revising the legal age limit upwards. However, other institutions in society must also aid in alleviating the negative impacts of alcohol to society. Religious groups and the family should provide advice to young adults on the dangers of early alcohol consumption. References Billings, S. (2010, October 24). Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Raised to 25 to Eliminate Deadly College Partying? Retrieved July 19, 2012, from Kolander, R. W. (2011). Drug Abuse Prevention. New York: Jones Bartlett Learning. Miller, W. R. (2010). Rethinking Substance Abuse: What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do

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Monster Mergers :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Monster Mergers About three decades ago, school boards in the state of Pennsylvania decided that bigger was better. These short-sighted members looked at school districts merging throughout the country and deduced they should join the parade. How could they be so naive not to see the damage and havoc that would be left in the wake of these giant jointures. Wyoming Valley West, Nanticoke Area, Hanover Area, Coughlin, and even the parochial Bishop Hoban, are responsible for killing a magnificent community spirit as well as extinguishing all chances of fervent rivalries. The consolidation of small town schools has deprived once proud individuals of a sense of community, tradition and memories. School boards have to be more sensitive to the needs of their constituents. A change in the board members or the school board system itself is necessary. Careful planning, unlike the school boards' decisions, is essential in changing an archaic system. A Task Force of School Governance commissioned by the Twentieth Century Firms, concluded, "The hallmark of American education for over 150 years has been the local school board, and nothing would be gained by shifting to a totally new system," (25). A revamping of decision making is needed to prevent the disasters of the 60's and 70's. Kirst states, "Rethinking and revamping the role of the school board are necessary in this altered policy context," (38). The school board points an accusing finger at the state government. Dwight W. Allen supports the stand by contending that the state makes the major decisions such as how many days of school in a year and who could attend regardless of how the towns feel about the issue (44). Our loca l school boards should care how we feel. They should be our champions. Instead, they buckle to state and federal educational fads. School boards actions affect not just the students, but each and every member of the community. "Since 80 percent of the taxpayers in some suburban areas and more than 50 percent of the taxpayers in most communities do not have children in school, it is essential to keep the community informed and involved in the schools" (Becthol 327). This type of communication should have been in place before school boards smashed small schools into an academic collage. School activities such as theatrical dramas, uplifting musicals, and nail bitting sporting events, once a staple for the community, are now absent.

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Retention Process Essay

The reason for this document to be written is to show how a business employees new people. For each one of these I will describe what they mean and which one is taken step by step: 1. Business approval: this is when a business is approves of having a staff member that is needed for the company in that department and they feel it is needed in this situation, They go through the board of directors to get the answer. 2. Job analysis: this is when a employee goes to a company finds out what their job is and follows what a different person is doing in the job and writes down what they are doing in their job they have applied for. 3. Job description: this is what the job is offering to the person what they will need to do in their time at the company i.e. working hours, pay, frequency and etc. This also describes the job you are applying for and what you will have to do if you get the job this is used to explain to potential employees to see what they are offering to them and to let them know whether they are able to do the job that is being given to them. 4. Person Specification: matching the job description to the qualifications of the person applying for the job, it is used for explaining that to apply for this job you need to have certain skills to do this job efficiently. 5. Advertising: this is when a business needs a replacement or a new staff member to fill for the space left so what the business has to do is to either post the job on the internet to look for replacement to even increase their chances of getting some to do the job than they could put a advert in the local newspaper. There are two ways you can advertise a job by putting it on the paper which is a non electronic way of advertising the job or they could put it on the internet as this is a electronic way a of advertising a job. 6. Candidate short listing: this is when the business is reducing the number of candidates to the final three or so on. 7. Interview/Testing: this when a business ask the person who has applied for the job has to come in for a interview to say whether they are capable of getting the job done and they could try and find a person that can do the job more efficiently than the previous person. But if they feel they can bring good quality to the company they may do a test on them to see how they cope under pressure and what they will give back to the company. 8. Selection: this were the company starts to select its candidates for the job in certain situations you may be asked to perform certain task to see how well you cope with the task or situation. They may even rate you on how good you perform in that. 9. Reference: This is when a company is about to accept you and they need a person to agree with them that they deserve the job this can not be a relative it has to be a non family member so it can either be a banker, doctor, teacher 10. Employee Induction: this is the first day for the employee if he/she has passed all of the task so far set by the company then this will be his/her first induction in which they will show you were you are working what you are going to do in the company and for the company.

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My Experience With Micro Aggressions, And My Current And...

Outline: Introduction: a) As a part of the society, it is unavoidable to enjoy the power and the privilege while experience the discrimination or micro-aggression both consciously or unconsciously. b) In this paper, I will mainly about my relationships to the power and privilege, my experience with micro-aggressions, and my current and past perceptions of micro-aggression against persons who perceived as LGBTQIA. I. My relation to power and privilege according to my sexual orientation, ability level and race is obvious. a) My sexual orientation is heterosexuality. i) Heterosexuality is dominant in the society. ii) I have the heterosexual privilege. b) My race is Asian. i) Yellow people is a minor group in the United States. ii) Asian people own less power and privilege than the dominant group. c) My ability level is normal. i) I am an abled and healthy person with average intelligence. ii) Most people a similar to me, which is the dominant group that owns power. II. The intersection of sexual orientation and ability-level has enormous impact in both positive and negative way. a) Probably the most obvious influence is the feeling of being normal. i) the sexual orientation of mine is heterosexuality, which is dominant and has privilege. ii) Based on my sexual orientation, I can have a legal marriage in any corner of world. iii) Marriage is still illegal for LGBTQIA in many countries. iiii) the feeling of normal and marriage are desiresShow MoreRelatedThe Perception Of Micro Aggression Essay1429 Words   |  6 Pagespower and the privilege while experience the discrimination or micro-aggression both consciously or unconsciously. The sexual orientation and race is closely related to the power and the privilege. The perceptions of micro-aggression are largely based on the systems and situations that we are participating in. In this paper, I will talk about my relationship to the power and privilege, my experience with micro-aggression and my pas t and current perceptions of micro-aggression against LGBTQIA (LesbianRead MoreDescription of Racial Microaggressions1446 Words   |  6 Pageswhat produces pain and anger inside countless of people. Many individuals need professional help in order to surpass the neglect they have been summited to. In August of 2012, I was employed by Future Now, which I can say has been the best experience of my life. This program, that I can say I proudly work for, helps many young adults obtain their GED and enroll in college. The program began in Rikers Island, where they would help those that were incarcerated be able to seek the opportunity of havingRead MoreAbusive Supervision a Non-profit Agency2858 Words   |  12 Pagessupervisor. Supervision was consistent; once per week and my supervisor also made himself available as needed. My supervisor was supportive, understanding, promoted my growth in the field as well as in the workplace. In addition my supervisor was pivotal in me choosing to continue my education and was extremely flexible with my work schedule when needed. Due to the changes happening within my agency I was told I would be under a new supervisor. My performance was such that the upper level managementRead MoreProblems Faced By The Separation And Addiction Problems Of Children And Domestic Violence2182 Words   |  9 Pagesconfused by them generally as they are too early for them to understand what is happening. Therefore the parent as the medium who plays a key role in helping the kid to help in difficult suffering. Children have issues like, Peter and Kylie’s direct experience of broken marriages and domestic violence in life from a young age. They are meeting of threat from their father’s behaviour and alcoholism and their realization and percipience of these family dynamics. Both are needed to be assisted wherever theyRead MoreDiagnosis Of An Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )1938 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract Having a child given a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a very stressful event for parents. It is imperative to understand that there is much that can be done for both parent and child. From the current literature we know that parents of children diagnosed with autism worry about many things like lifetime dependency to family dissonance. We know that these parents are distressed and angry, the parents of children with more unusual behaviors feel a lot more stressed thanRead More Analysis of a Child Essay5327 Words   |  22 PagesAnalysis of a Child This assignment describes and analyses my involvement with a 13-year-old client Joe Smith, who was temporarily supported under section 25 (voluntary) of the Childrens (Scotland) Act 1995 to be Looked After and Accommodated by the Local Authority. The process of intervention will be discussed from pre-engagement, assessment and gathering of information to client interaction and networking with other agencies. Using reflection, I will critically Read MoreWorkplace Negativity7059 Words   |  29 Pagesnegative emotions have a much greater chance of experiencing negative stress and are more likely to experience dissatisfaction with their lives and jobs.1 Some people appear to be born with a genetic predisposition toward negativity while others appear to become negative as a result of their environment. There are those who agree that one’s personality is a combination of genetic make-up and life experiences.2 People who chronically express negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors increase the likelihoodRead MoreCritically Examining And Understanding Difference2696 Words   |  11 PagesYour paper should cover the following: Critically examining and understanding difference Demographics and key features of the particular group in Australian society (What information do I need to know about this group?) Historical and current day perspectives, policies and practices affecting this group (What has changed over the years in relation to this group? What are key contemporary issues?) Central beliefs, views and perspectives (if relevant) (What are the key characteristics, i.e., whatRead MoreApplication of Observational Learning6241 Words   |  25 Pagespeople learn (at least for a given class of learning types). Therefore learning theories are mostly descriptive. In order to learn a concept in a useful way it must be learned in the culture in which is has been developed and is used. Activity and perception are prior to conceptualization. The teaching and learning situation is characterized as cognitive apprenticeship. From that follows that the activity of learning must take place in an authentic situation. Learning theories also can be prescriptiveRead MoreIntervention Paper4463 Words   |  18 PagesIntroduction Each year in the United States several million children experience some extreme traumatic event. Some of these events include natural disasters, death of a loved one, vehicle accidents, physical and/or sexual abuse and witnessing domestic violence. Children are increasingly exposed to violence in society. Many of these children may develop some form of psychological problems that can significantly impair their emotional, academic, and social functioning. Research has noted that